Cullens Butchers

I did a book over 10 years ago with a friend. We noticed that shops had disappeared over the precious few years and no one had ever recorded it.

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Wout Van Aert

kiss and ride

The first in a series of sound clips to come off the iPhone. Wout Van Aert on his final lap in Valkenburg at the World Championships. His 3rd straight victory.

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grande arche

I braved Paris traffic to drive up to La Défense to see it. It’s a quite stunning piece of art. Le Grande Arche is in the business district of Paris.

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berliner mauer 1961-1989


Just watched Matt Frei's first in a 3 parter on Berlin over on BBC4. I suppose it's about 8 years since I was last there. It's the most fascinating place.

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